ProScan - Behavior Assessment

ProScan is a non-threatening, quick, easy and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced instruments available. Statistical research of working adults enables the powerful ProScan survey to produce reliable results to accurately assess a persons basic and preferred work styles. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress. ProScan focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale.  Most would consider this personality survey as the best tool in assisting them manage their team.

ProScan® reports measure:

  1. How a person functions most naturally

  2. The role the person feels the need to play

  3. How the person predictably comes across to others

  4. Energy resources

  5. Satisfaction index

  6. Stress levels

  7. Energy drain

  8. Decision-making style


94%+ accuracy in under 7 minutes

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