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JobScan - Job modeling for better hires

JobScan defines a position in terms of the behavioral dynamics most likely to succeed at the job. This instrument designs ideal specifications for a position and compares them to each applicant's work style. JobScan helps managers match people to positions, increasing hiring success and decreasing turnover.

JobScan includes the following reports:

Job model report

  1. Job Dynamics Analysis

  2. Job Model Data Sheet

  3. Job Model Trait Intensity Chart

  4. Summary of Job Model Contributors

Screening reports

  1. Applicant Ranking

  2. Job Matching Trait Intensity Chart

  3. Job Matching Chart

  4. Interviewing Guide

Applicant reports

  1. Applicant Data Sheet

  2. Applicant Trait Intensity Chart

  3. Composite of Applicant Data Sheets

  4. Plotted trait values sheets

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